Democrats Are Undermining Authority

If you're like me, you're finding it a little too troubling how far the DNC is pushing their anti-Trump crusade. It's to the point of undermining the legitimate will of the people. So much for 'elections having consequences'.

They have not stopped attacking Trump at every turn. A loser candidate continues to speak out publicly, a former President with a slimy under-handed trick uses conferences to challenge a sitting President, and a completely derelict media has been fooled into thinking they're 'defending the democracy' in challenging the authority bestowed upon a President by the people. The 'resistance' or 'Resist Trump' as it were.

The underlying principle behind this 'movement' isn't rooted in principles at all. Rather, it's derived from the fact their own principal wasn't elected.

How's that for invoking Occam's Razor?

It's not Trump the problem.

It's the establishment led by the Democrat party of the United States and its lackeys in the media.

That's my take on things.

Libery Law Site explains it better.

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