If Americans Want To Chart A New Course There Can Be But One Choice: Gary Johnson

Much is made about the "problem" of the American two-party system (worry not my American friends, we have a 2 1/2 party system and it's not that much better; if at all) and the lack of choice.

While it's true from a numerical perspective, it does hinge on a quality over quantity calibration and this election year one can easily conclude the quality just isn't there.

Hillary is just plain a horrible candidate and possibly - given reports and careful examination of the facts - person. She comes with so much baggage and question marks it's even a miracle such damaged goods could even be considered to run the most powerful nation on earth.

Donald Trump is basically a populist tapping into a seething under current of anger among all Americans. When you're angry and don't have much choice or options, you're gonna throw your support into the person who acknowledges it. There's a whole lot of 'yes! Finally someone says it' in American politics. Problem is, it comes in the form of Donald Trump who is not exactly a forth wright individual.

Spare me about the coming 'tyranny' and 'martial law' crap. American presidents have been acting as such as power consolidates more and more into the Executive. When the people say 'no' to something all a President has to do is circumnavigate the people through an executive order. A sort of loophole - or more direct - a big fuck you that's why depending on the issue.

Clinton's email and charity shenanigans should be enough to dissuade a voter who is considering her and Trump just doesn't exude the sort of statesmanship we've come to hope and yearn for in a political leader.

It's a terrible choice between the two.

But there is a more than acceptable option.

His name is Gary Johnson.

You can't tell me he'd be worse than these two or even with the last 16 years Bush and Obama gave Americans which was plain, plump mediocrity.

Some may argue it's 'wasting' a vote but in this case I think it isn't. If Johnson gets enough critical support this may pave the road for a process of true change down the road. This time around a good case could be made that if a vote is cast for the two traditional parties - Democrat and Republican - you're not only voting to keep the status quo in *hope* things will change but quite possibly wasting it.

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