U.S. Shale Is Great For North America

Drill baby, drill!

If this article is correct, then shale production in North America can but be a boon for our economies; never mind reconfiguring foreign policy. We always talk about being less dependent on other countries but refuse to develop the techniques (like fracking and nuclear power) to get us there.

OPEC's greatest ally at this point are environmentalists looking to send us back to the stone age with their nonsense.

If U.S. (along with Canada; where environmentalists have too much weight at this point. Killing pipeline projects in a country as dependent on resources like Canada is pure insanity where jobs and growth are concerned; yes, I do consider politicians who cynically engage in this sort of behavior to be supremely irresponsible) can be energy independent I can't see how this is not a great thing for us.

It would probably mean we're less involved in that powder keg of a mess in the Middle-East. We'd save so much money and lives getting out of there while Saudi Arabia would return to its Wahhabi teachings and revert back into the backward sunset from whence they came.


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