Quebec Assaults The Livelihoods Of Its Citizens: Maple Syrup Bootlegging Is A Product Of Bull Shit Price And Supply Fixing Schemes

Notice the 'it's a small band of renegades who won't bow to the all-knowing Federation' attitude of Simon Trepanier - Executive Director of Quebec Federation of Maple Syrup Producers.

So. Let's get this straight. The government of Quebec forcibly stole a producers equipment and directly threatened his family's livelihood because of the racket they set up?

There's but one thing to say. Trepanier and his asshole commies should be fed to a woodchipper.

Look. You want to form a federation to protect your product? Go ahead. But the second that federation uses the force of the government to destroy another producer then to me you're nothing more than a legalized mafia.

If you can't operate in a FREE MARKET you're a useless parasite who relies on state coercion to destroy lives who don't bend to you schemes. Permits, licenses, federations etc. - all rackets that assault private individuals.

Man, this story pisses me off. Alas, this is par for the course in Quebec and North America in general. Government agencies have the power to shut down and destroy family businesses.

But they get to keep their pensions though for doing so.

I'm gonna buy my syrup outside of Quebec from now on.

Evil pricks.

If this report from the New York Times doesn't make your blood boil you have no understanding of what justice is and how free markets are supposed to operate.

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