Will Canada Get The Memo? COVID IS OVER

Quebec races to be over vaxxed and remains masked up.

Meanwhile, in America, the man who laid the foundation for the mess we're in has lost all credibility. 

Not only is the charade and chicanery of Covid is over, Americans won't go get the second jab now. The medical establishment, WHO, NIH, media and politicians have done irreparable damage to their reputations. 45% of Americans have been fully vaccinated. Don't expect it to get by 50%.

Here, it's become a contest and a means to an end. We're going into the extreme opposite direction. The government said 70%-75% is needed for herd (which is simply not true as the American example shows) and now infectious disease doctors (well past their expiration date) are now taking the incredible position that variants emerge because of unvaccinated people.

Right. Immune escape can't possibly be because of a leaky vaccine. So now the goal posts are moving towards more people needing to get vaccinated.

Which defies everything that is happening in reality.

Canada is in no danger of this virus.

It has a very high survival rate. Doctors tell us 'you don't want to get it' and seem to think that's sufficient to force a vaccine. Sorry. This is unethical.

I make that choice and the premise of asymptomatic spread is so 2020.

There is more than ample evidence that the advert events are serious. Between Europe and USA we're approaching 1 million events and about 12 000 deaths! Canada's numbers, as explained in a previous post, are too dumbed down to be accurate in my view. Don't tell me we suffer less events than America and Europe because that makes no sense.

The calls to end the roll out are getting louder. Not from anti-vaxxers (sorry you can push this nonsense only so far) but actual prominent institutions and experts. 

Doctors have traded 'do no harm' for 'it's for your own good'.

Never mind the obscene spectacle we saw at the G7 (where Justin once again beclowned himself) where the 'leaders' were maskless and didn't social distance as they partied. 



Covid is over as a crisis. Finished. Caput.

If it continues it's because it's contrived and designed to do so by politicians and the media.


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