Talk Of Mandatory Vaccines Is Back

Last March, the Quebec government had said mandatory vaccines were on the table.

Which means, judging by how Legault has behaved, this will enter the public discourse shortly.

This is what happens when you're governed by criminal incompetent bozos.

You get draconian responses for events that are not life threatening. 

They're over playing this and people still haven't shown a shred of self-dignity in pushing back.

We failed on the lockdowns.

We failed on the masks.

We failed on the curfews.

What the fuck do you think they're going to do?

Try their luck with the vaccines.

Emboldened by the 'election' of Biden, Fauci is ramping up his fear rhetoric. In August he said vaccines weren't likely to be mandatory now he's saying it may be for travel and schools. Why the kids? The virus poses no danger to them and they're not vectors of the disease. So why are we going to hurt the children? 


'The leading infectious disease doctor' is an unethical, lying son of a bitch willing to harm kids for his ego and possibly pocket book.

In observing this man, since last March, I've come to loathe him and all public officials and their incompetence and arrogance. 

Legault, for his part, is no better.  He already crossed the Rubicon of admitting the curfews have nothing to do with science and that it's political. They already move goal posts around. And like mindless sheep, you follow. Apparently the solution is to be enlightened and be a true leader. Nope. It's to be a coward and double down on the draconian. 

Next up. You getting a jab even though it may not immune anyone, or you may not need it or the vaccine being completely unproven.  Even though this virus is going to be endemic and no more dangerous than the flu or even be on par with the common cold within a year thus likely rendering this whole stupid plan pointless. 

I mean, You shat your pants putting the mask on so the government doesn't think much of you at the moment. You listless morons.

Excuse the language, but do you not see what's happening?

It's not about the virus.

Wake the fuck up already. 

But you know what? There is hope.

The fact these people are so fucken stupid and incompetent, they will unleash yet another pack of unintended consequences. And this time, they won't be able to control it.

People need to start viewing people like Fauci, Legault, Biden, Trudeau etc. as characters on VEEP..

Stand up to them. They're not that bright. And you'll experience a form of empowerment you never thought possible.

Start by ignoring their demands and reversing it demanding THEY knock it off with the fear mongering.

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