History Will Not Look Kindly On Public Officials And Media During The Covid Hysteria

 That's my guess. 

A combination of reasons. 

- Unconstitutional regardless of country. This through the declaration of emergency powers 

- The illegality of decrees. Coercive and punitive measures against free citizens. The denying of rights to earn a living.

-The closing off of external views and perspective.

- The denial of pandemic protocols and established science.

-The acceptance of fraud and faulty projections and models leading to futile madness through lockdowns and masks. 

-The refusal to pivot and evolve with changing data. General all incompetence all around. 

No. The will not be able to claim 'we didn't know and did our best with the available data'. This should be rejected outright because in the age of technology dissenting voices and views were outright ignored.

History will not look upon these officials very well.

The classic line 'what the hell were they thinking?' will repeat itself. 

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