War On Vice

The nanny-state expands further.

This is just plain scary. The prosecutors in this case represent all that is wrong with our society today; from the lack of moral clarity all the way to pointing the accountability compass at the wrong people. Blaming CEO's and bartenders for the death of three men who chose to get drunk out of their free will sets a bad precedence. What's next? Taking pharmacists to court if a depressed person OD's on OTC medicine? Charging a blackjack dealer with murder if a known gambler kills someone for money to pay for debts? Where does the madness stop?

In Quebec, we plan to copy and introduce a similar law -unless it's already in place. Two things. First, if Quebec has this on its books it continues its well-earned reputation of being a hypocritical state. Why? The government runs two enormously profitable operations relating to both gambling and alcohol.

Case: What if someone gets drunk on a bottle purchased at the SAQ and then walks into a bar. They proceed to have one drink and leave. They drive off and kill someone. Who's liable?

Two, Ontario is a lost cause. It's a quasi-communist state and we shouldn't be looking to it for any ideas.

Let's call this for what it is: a war on vice. A war we will, never, ever win. You can't legislate against stupidity but you can make sure we're all responsible for our own actions. That's the best defense we've got.

Sadly, more and more laws are stripping people of this ability to govern ourselves. It's always someone else to blame. In our misguided effort to "save ourselves" we plan to ruin the lives of other people?

We've allowed government to do this. We the people. I once saw a documentary titled the "Disappearing Male." Someone should make one called the "Disappearing Individual."

It all comes down to this: Freedom versus tyranny.

Tyranny comes with many faces. The forces of tyranny are clever now. They come before us under the guise of protecting "our collected best interests."

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