The Devil's Grip On Australia And France

The reaction to Covid-19 has plunged Western nations into crisis.

A crisis of conscience and liberty.

This is not about a virus. This is no longer about public health.

How can it when millions of people are suffering way more though asinine lockdowns and now an abnormal amount of vaccine injuries and deaths?

We are way past the cure is worse than the disease stage.

And it's not abetting nor are there signals officials plan to end this abdominal assault on civil liberties.

This is what you get when you let medical bureaucrats (and epidemiologists who stand one rank about astrologists these days) take the reign. You get precautionary principle chaos. You get dogmatic edicts and orders. You get a Covid Gulag. A Covid Inquisition.

The medical orders governing states and provinces are parochial outfits that behave no differently than the mafia. They have threatened, suspended licenses, and outright fired doctors who dare break the narrative ranks. I accuse these orders of breaking their oaths and acting in bad faith. They are doing great harm to the public through their instrangiseant  behaviour and obtuse refusal to speak out about treatments. 

Instead, they cling to outrageous and failed pseudoscientific bull shit like lockdowns and masks. 

These are our doctors. Products of an ostensibly advanced medical culture.

They're behaving more like hacks and hoodlums.

There's no end in sight. They have succeeded, through another bunch of quacks - behavioural scientists - in forming behaviour and bending it to their needs through fear. Nice people.

The entire scientific structure and the institutions than house, train and educate this bunch is broken and corrupted. This 'greater good' and 'you don't want to catch it' and 'you don't want your grandmother' nonsense are designed to manipulate emotions to get people to follow their rules.

Their anti-human and unnatural rules.

And the political class, not one to be strong and courageous, broke down before these medical zealots who know what's good for us.

It's very simple.You're sick with this bio-engineered disease? If you're doctor doesn't administer Ivermectin, they're guilty of medical malpractice. Period.

This safe, inexpensive, Nobel prize winning drug that's been for decades and part of the medical patrimony alleviates hospital pressure and saves lives.

More than any damn idiotic mask could. Lockdowns kill. 

Nations (politicians and citizens alike) that still have this insane 'strategy' as part of the arsenal and option to 'combat' the disease, are criminals.

There is no justification as the literature makes crystal clear this is a diabolical and irrational tactic containing immeasurable collateral damages that will last years if not decades.

It will last even beyond once this virus with a 99.98% survival rate disappears.

When all will be said and done, we will have NOTHING to show for what we did. Take names. 

Quebec and Canada have been utterly disappointing and have shown they are more than willing to skirt and outright ignore rights and the Charter. In Quebec, officials have essentially admitted they're subverting natural individual rights for the 'collective public health'. This country showed its true colours. From an ignorant police class not aware of their duty to uphold the Charter, to courts and judges that have refused to protect our rights to a corporate media (those constructors of fairy tales) the political system that has meekly whimpered and abandoned to serve.

My fellow Canadians. We have quarantine camps. Just like we interned Japanese and Italian Canadians we're now in medical apartheid territory. 

Bludgeoning people with illegal edicts is not serving the public.

But! They have public support! Manipulate people enough and they believe the Jews - and now disturbingly the unvaccinated - are a threat. 

This public support is due mostly as a result of having manipulated people into believing they're sick and a threat turning a population into paranoid hypochondriacs. The derelict and deranged manipulators use these tactics to obtain arbitrary vaccine objectives. 'Scare, threaten, and scare more' is the play. Quebec has been by far the worst offender of this across the continent. They constantly, like mobsters enforcing a protection racket, chastise, cajole and threaten people with Orwellian double-speak. 'If you want your liberty back, go get your vaccine' is their favourite line. A more unethical and unconscionable phrase one can't conceive of. Liberties were STOLEN to the point it only comes back if one accepts a medical procedure they would otherwise refuse?

These foul weak men of low character are on par with mafia hoodlums. 

We're being led down a dangerous path by knave, fools, clowns and buffoons. Criminals and incompetent naifs abound.

We've lost our moral and intellectual compass. It's broken and may not be repaired. That people still swallow this is bizarre and quite remarkable. Perhaps the deception has become their reality. There are people who are now aware but what to do? 

The United States is the country that helped to create this man-made virus through NIH and Fauci. They're also going to come out of the mess first. They're now on a trajectory to find out just what went on. Will the DOJ look into it? Who knows? In my view, all these actions we've endured during this largely self-induced nightmare do rise to a level (deaths caused through lockdowns, refusal to administer treatments and forced inoculation are good reasons, no?) where the Nuremberg Trials should be rebooted. But this is not likely to happen. I fear the baseline has been drawn and the perpetuators who have erased established scientific knowledge and engaged in censorship against brave experts who spoke out, will press on as they swim in a dark and scummy pond of corruption and nefariousness. 

All this acrimony, stress and angst would have been avoided if we were strong people led by strong leaders truly guided by wise scientists.

But this is far from the case.

Wipe that smug 'I follow the science' from your face.

This is not about science or public health.

Several nations are guilty in the West. The UK, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Austria, Italy, Portugal, and Spain along with Canada form the main block. But by far the three most offenders are France (a country Quebec copies), Australia and New Zealand.

These three have jumped into another world.

In New Zealand, it's at the point their leadership says the only source of truth is through the government.

As everyone knows, the government's track record on truth is sterling. 

This assertion was perhaps among the most troubling and glaring examples of how deep the rot runs.  Australia is on par with New Zealand. Two nations that have gutted all remaining vistages of reason and logic in a suicidal commitment to an unhinged suppression strategy. They literally are letting a virus control their lives. Which is why they will fail. There's no coming out of this. How? The government is now chirping 'No regrets' as they press on with more rounds of lockdowns without a single care of what it's doing to overall public health. 

I'm not sure they can even spend their way out of this without running into the arms of China. 

They're stuck in a vortex condemned to a life of chicken before the egg logic. They're even talking of 'permanent lockdowns'. See, the cases are low because of lockdowns. So when ONE case arises, we shut down and it doesn't spread. Keep doing it until we 'eradicate' it.

Has anyone bothered to ask: At what price?

Science see?

Trying to understand what happened in these two places is one for the history books at this point. 

It matters because Australia and New Zealand are part of the Commonwealth and so what happens there could influence, with the UK being the kingpin, Canada. Canada's only saving grace is we share a border with the United States and this keeps us somewhat honest and balanced - barely. 

It's quite astonishing Australia and New Zealand are seen as success stories. While Sweden a failure. It's quite the opposite. Australia and New Zealand are spectacular failures when you look at other metics other than cases and deaths. Sweden will prove to be the most sane of all Western nations.

France, for its part, is also directed by a fool.

Macron's recent declaration was quite shocking and inexplicable. It's impossible he didn't know he would plunge France into instant protests and rioting. The French, perhaps more than any Western nation, are rebellious and quarrelsome by nature. Watching France sink to such a level is shocking but necessary.

We need to shake the apathy out of people. Our sense of personal liberty as atrophied. We've been trying to flex those muscles as the media and mocks those who do as 'conspiracy theorists' and other divisive language and labels they care to apply.

What happens in France in the coming days or weeks matters. 

Australians too have taken to the streets but are being faced with a tyrannical police force. 

The friction is growing. France and Australia's lesson put plainly this is not about public health.

Sadly, it was all avoidable had we been stronger. Alas, the devil manically dances, gripping our heads between his ungodly palms as he shakes out memories of our sense of duty, dignity, reason and honour. 

The West was faced with a challenge.

It compromised itself; its values.

It failed.



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