Pretzel Logic Result Of Lies And Fake Science

 For the new narrative in its infamous illogical glory, listen to Jen Psaki here.

Nothing they're saying is true. And where it is, it's vastly over exaggerated. 

At its peak, the pandemic did not result in excess deaths or was slightly above previous years in a number of countries including the USA and Canada (with the latter being basically neutral).

Now, a transmissible but not necessarily deadlier varian (aka scariants) is supposed to lead to mass death?


The play here is to demonize the unvaccinated and sacrifice them to the wolves. This pandemic is still going because people aren't vaccinating is the claim.

This is partly true but mostly not. 

Some quick reasons:

1) Vaccinated people ARE dying of it too.

2) Vaccinated people ARE being hospitalized.

3) The 'vaccines' do not confer full protection. But officials use the 'immunize' misleading the public into thinking they're getting full protection.

4) Authorities still command masks be worn and blame unvaccinated people for this. However, the hole in that logic is if the vaccines work, then why the need for masks? That's the point of 'immunization'. Except this isn't giving you full protection so mask up. Follow? This is followed up with the vaccines 'save lives' except we have very little data on this. We do know vaccinated people have been dying of Covid AND after getting vaccinated. And Psaki makes clear none of these requests are based on science but 'fuck you because we said so'. Even if the unvaccinated get vaccinated they will still tell you to wear a mask. They will still tell you boosters and 3rd shots are required. Bottom line is they arbitrarily moving along winging and adjusting their commands but it's all useless and counter productive. Sweden shows just how foolish and pathetic we are. 

5) The vaccines DO NOT stop the spread as we plainly see and may not be effective against variants.

6) The vaccines are NOT 'safe and effective'. This is driven less by data and more by dogma at this point. But they will never admit it and will always search for scapegoats. It's up to us to not buy the bit. 

Public health officials have completely lost the plot and will keep us all in chains and masks if we don't say enough. Stop listening to them. They DO NOT know what they're doing.

Use your noggin and start trusting your hunch.

This thing is getting way out of control to the point even the plotters lost the plot. All they do is attack people. That's not a strategy and that's not science. 


Today has been an interesting day. It seems the more the government double downs, the more the other side triples down and not taking this propaganda lying down. People have questions. 

Here's one example. And another. Oh dear. This is a problem. 

Dr. Malone goes after fact checkers.


Sweden is right. Australia is wrong (and just plain incomprehensibly irrational). India has lotsa natural immunity.

The vaccines are over rated and failing. 

Here's a glimpse into what's happening. Media hates you. They think you're stupid. 

Hey Barclay. You look like an idiot with that useless bacterial amulet on your chin. If you think masks work, then I won't take your information on vaccines seriously. 


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