Daily Derp: We Must Persevere

In March of 2020, I was called a 'granny killer' for questioning what was about to happen. I believe I've been vindicated and stand by this is the greatest medical hysteria in history. In fact, now I'm about to add crimes against humanity to this stance.

In May of 2021, I was called a 'baby killer' for questioning if it's necessary to vaccinate healthy children and what are the facts and justification for it.

In addition, in a discussion with a family member who was angry with me, it was thrown in my face my child doesn't need my consent anyway.

This is where we're at. Family siding with the state.

This is how deep the manipulation and propaganda runs. No one sees an issue with it.

Some of us do.

Holding the line will be very difficult. Societal pressure will mount. A few of us will have to lock in formation '300' style or like a Roman cohort and resist. 

It's just the way it is.

But my personal psychologically has permanently changed on how I view things.

No one is your friend. You are your own island. Values are thicker than blood now.


Oh I'm sure it's really that bad. If not worse.

I see it here the the tyrannical epidemiologists here.


Any discussion on vaccines at this point is impossible. 

Merely defending yourself is seen as you trying 'change minds' despite the same people knowing full well on my stance on free will and people's rights to choose. Nothing could be further from the truth. I merely seek dialogue and this is impossible. It makes for a terrible existence if not just a plain sobering one.

None of these people are living. And none of them are free. This Faustian deal they've made with the state, is one that will follow them forever and they've dragged those of us who tried to war against such excessive indulgences and incursions into private affairs into this mud.


Follow Alex Berenson for adverse events in vaccines.

Sadly, we don't have this information in Canada. And don't you dare ask for it your conspiracy nut.


  • RT-PCR alone can not reliably identify infected patients in a low prevalence social situation.

  • RT-PCR alone can not reliably clear patients as being non-infected, if they have symptoms and come from a high prevalence social situation.

  • RT-PCR alone can not reliably filter patients for subsequent medi- cal studies such as antibody tests, symptom correlations studies, or new test candidates.

Conclusion from Cell.com.

Expose the PCR. End the terror.


Please do your part. Support the groups fighting for us.

Foundation for the Defense of People's Rights and Freedoms

The situation is grave in Canada. Where in the United States the Americans are waking up and gearing for Great Pushback on the criminal gangs pushing the Global Reset, Canadians have yet to acknowledge their part of a sick plan to usurp their lives.

Wake up Canada already.


There's an agenda. No doubt about it.

That all the nations are doing the same thing doesn't equate to them following the science. We know none of the measures are backed by science. So there's more at play. It's all so strange. 

Don't try and tell us that this virus demands we knock out our economy, disrupt our lives and dismantle our democracies and freedoms.

It is a marvel there are people who still tolerate this thinking their patience will be rewarded.

Folks, your patience won't be rewarded. This is the life they have in store and you will have to fight for it back.

Simple as thar.

This is very long but worth watching. If you can't spare all of it, watch the first one hour and 50 minutes at least. It will crystallize what's happening and what we're up against.

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