The True 'Recalcitrants' Is Francois Legault And His Supporters

Legault claims his measures are working. 

Legault is quite the funny guy.

Insulting but amusing nevertheless.

But his little attempt is a facade.

Remember, the PCR was never invented to be used as a diagnostic tool and doesn't look for infections so we should cast cases with a skeptical eye.

Let's briefly look at the four targets of his specious, non-evidence based restrictions:

Of those places that constitute 'closed settings' restaurants and gyms have been the favourite targets of authoritarian public officials. Despite the fact the data has been unclear as to how the virus may transmit in those places (including from the WHO),  governments still thought it wise and prudent to shut them down. Which means they were probably wrong because, well, it's the  government.

A major study published in CISION concluded:

"After nearly 50 million check-ins over that three-month period, the study found that a nominal 0.0023 percent tested positive for COVID-19. Gyms nationwide have robust COVID-19 safety measures in place and there is zero evidence that the positive cases originated in gyms themselves."

One of the key things we can do during this period is to keep healthy. Legault robbed people of their ability to do just that based on lies.

As for, restaurants, there aren't any major studies conducted but it's generally understood the situation is touch and go with many variables determining whether there are outbreaks or not. However, for the most part it's thought they aren't main drivers of outbreaks to justify draconian measures.

Here, Legault did them dirty by getting them to invest $30 0000 to $40 000 in conforming to excess protocols and then shutting them down again.

Schools. We've known for months that children aren't vectors of the disease. Studies from Denmark, Holland, Norway and now Italy have shown keeping schools open is SAFE. Alas, we've given into the fear mongering of the teacher's unions who haven's exactly impressed during all this as they look out for their own interests and not the kids.

But Francois Legault has them masked up and even added a grade in Secondary three to assault with his pseudo-scientific bull shit.

Legault's measures aren't working because these aren't the problem.

Of the closed settings, restaurants and gyms have the lowest outbreaks and homes have the largest - which should come as not fricken surprise. We all catch a cold from someone we live with. I'm surprised he hasn't ordered families to social distance from each other. He's already featured the emotional state of Quebec so why not push a little harder? Come on! For the nation! 

No one knows what the problem is. It's a virus that is blazing through and it couldn't less about Francois Fricken Legault and his measures. He just copied other idiots in the West and chose these places to show an ignorant and scared population his doing something.

That's not a leader. That's an opportunist.

All Legault has achieved is to create angst, false pride and virtue, uproot lives and foster resentment.

Not following data and science can do that.

It's not people like me who is a recalcitrant. I demand proof for such measures to which they have given none.

It's Legault, the CAQ and his supporters who are the true recalcitrant as they REFUSE TO EVOLVE WITH THE DATA still acting and talking as if this is still March.

Legault is just manipulating the population and is stringing us along indefinitely.


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