Of Medical Tyranny And False Virtue

I was slightly and cautiously optimistic this Covid hysteria would subside and public officials would pivot and end the panic.

As low my opinion of them is, I hoped.

But notice now the hubris foolishness of trying to 'stop the spread' has now morphed into micro-managing our lives. None of the restrictions or measures are rooted in science of course. Sometimes I wonder if someone who comes up with this nonsense gets off on it.

We shouldn't be listening to one iota of what these frauds tell us.

Surface transmission is rare, yet they've gone back to it despite the date.

The contempt I hold for public officials runs deep. 

It's medical tyranny and now they want to track you with an app and stick you with a 'health' or 'Covi' pass. 

All I can say is what will it take for you to take your lives back? 

The new hip trend? Not one, but TWO masks!

But if one worked, why do you need two?

The blinding stupidity of it all.

To believe in superstition as a form of virtue is a sad indictment of the fact we let fear guide reason. 


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