Liberal Pandemic Logic A Path To Sure Destruction

If this is how the Liberal party thinks, then we're just as good as done.

Unless they somehow get booted out, their play is so bad it will permanently wreck this country.

They will only turn off the debt taps until the pandemic is over?

How irresponsibly dangerous are these buffoons?

When this pandemic started I told my wife of all the people to be in charge.

I used to watch the McLaughlin Group since the 1980s. Freeland made some appearances in the 2000s. I would watch her and wonder how such a person who was obviously out of her league could possibly get on. She was editor of The Financial Times (again, no clue how she landed that gig) at the time.

But she was just an editor and thanked God she was nowhere near actual power.

Now she's Finance Minister of Canada. A dunce with a remedial mind is talking exactly as I'd expect this person to speak.

Freeland is an air head.

What are you going to 'defeat'? A virus? You're mental. I see a 'plan' designed by and for lemmings to keep people in fear indefinitely.

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