Phil Nike And Jeff Bezos Are Hypocritical Clowns

All the money and power.

Yet, you're still a pair of clowns. Yeh, yeh. They're getting the last laugh because ka-ching!

You know the game. They jump on a social justice trend not out of principles but to cash in.

But these days this game is contributing to a social angst.

Now the cool thing to do is remove. Washington Redskins gear.

So brave. What heroes.

Where can I go to give you an award?

I guess now we can expect the two of you to speak out against China right? I mean, come on Phil, you just took on the Washington Redskins! I think you're ready to shut down the sweatshops that produce the shoes in which you then turn around and sell for $200, no?

While we're at it do you mind stopping to suck the ass of a racist, anti-semitic, violent, Marxist organization like BLM?

Get the fuck out of here. Both of you.

And take that low IQ buffoon Kaepernick with you.

You guys became rich beyond your wildest dreams (same goes for all those ungrateful left-wing celebrities and athletes) in a country you're spitting on.

Make your money but you're hypocrites and useful idiots now.


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