Come July 4 America Must Celebrate Its Independence More Than Ever

And give a gigantic, massive FUCK YOU to Democrat Governors (with a special one to that asshole Gavin Newsom) with the gall to cancel it but allow for protests and riots.

They can't haul you all to jail. Plus leverage the fact Newsom is a fuckhead who's on board with defunding police and so hopefully police and Sheriffs just quietly let it happen.

Something's not right but only the people can fix this.


Come on America. Do the West proud.

We need it.

We need a morale boost.

And just for good measure here's what else they did.

The media keeps trying to paint Trump as a dictator but did you notice he didn't intervene during the lockdown? He pleaded with Governors to open up but that was about it. He respected State rights.

He also didn't get goaded by Democrat Mayors and Governors to declare martial law and send the National Guard in to clean up the disaster these derelict leaders inflicted on their citizens.

The plan was obviously to get him to do it and have the media call him a dictator.

He passed both tests with flying colors.

The Democrats failed it spectacularly.

Now people like Mayor Durkan in Seattle literally have blood on their hands. But she's still pimping lies saying idiotic things like 'centuries of systemic racism'. They talk of qualified immunity with cops but maybe politicians should lose theirs as well when they inflict deliberate harm on people though their policies. The lack of self-awareness and hubris is frightening with this illiberal moron.

  • Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best said: 'The CHOP has become lawless and brutal' 
Does her decision to allow the 'Chop' to happen calling it the 'summer of love' eventually leading to the murder of a 16 year-old black boy qualify as 'systemic racism'?

No excuse here for what she has done.

And that goes double for Governor Inslee. Just like all Democrat Mayors, Governors and AG's ruling their cities and states into the ground with a mix of intersectional idiocy and draconian Covid lockdowns.

They're over playing their anti-American hand.

No wonder Tucker Carlson shattered ratings records. Are people waking up?

Keep it up!


Trump is definitely bruised and battered. He needs to focus. Stay on message:

1) Work the positives of the economy.
2) Work the China angle. Keep the heat on China being a new Cold War enemy.
3) Just show Democrat anti-American behaviour on a loop.
4) Crush Biden in an open debate.
5) Drill how his policies have helped the black community.

Democrats aren't leaders. They're tyrants. Notice how they all have masks on their Avatars. They look like fools. They constantly engage in anti-American rhetoric (sorry they absolutely do. They support ideas that run contrary to the American experience) and engage in identity politics.

He should stop Tweeting stuff that's irrelevant fo now.


Trump has passed criminal reform and First Steps which have had immediate positive impacts on blacks and low income citizens. Not to mention he signed a $360 million grant to black universities, historic low unemployment numbers for blacks, and Opportunities Zones.

Trump 5

That's a sweet fuck all. Of course, BLM isn't about black lives at all since it's a Marxist-Leninist front. You dumbass corporations who gave them money are useful idiots.

The kicker? Trump did this in THREE YEARS with the entire media, academic and Democrat class against him.

And what the heck were those two knuckleheads Biden and Obama doing for eight damn years anyway? Obama is from Chicago and you'd think he'd break his back to lift that city from the hell-shit hole it's mired in.

But nothing.

That's all you need to know.


Two good lines I heard today:

Live free. Not for free.

Stop moving to Republican states. Just stop voting Democrat.


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