Let Me Tell You The Future ; Wuhan Response Testing Frienships

Once all this ends, this is how they will spin this.

Where most reasonable people will conclude 'Jesus fucken Murphy you crashed an economy for this?' they will retort something along the lines of 'Shut up. If we didn't take these measures the death rate would have been like the Spanish flu because there was no vaccine and the health care system would have overflowed with dead bodies and broken beds! We saved it all you ungrateful people! Where's your humanity?'

Unfalsifiable assertions are the best kind of assertions. 

Mob panic 1.
Healthy Skeptical minds 0.

You know in what category you belong.

Of course, in good times, everyone believes to be in the HSM.  In bad times, they jump ship quicker than a cowardly captain knocking women and children overboard. 

And when good times return, they go back to deceiving themselves.

In short, in good times HSM is inflated. In bad times, MP is inflated. 


This mess. 
It's also stressing friendships. 
It’s looking like more and more the ‘self-isolation’ and quarantines should have been targeted to the most vulnerable demographic. For the rest, it should have been go about your business. Keep your social distance, wear gloves, and a mask preferably. Be responsible.
Instead, an irrational ‘one-size fits all’ blanket is forced where some people will pay a heavier price than others.
In my circle of friends, one buddy is of the 'precautionary principle' of 'we must do it to save a life!'
But he’s not going to be affected on any level. He’ll continue to get his healthy pay.
Me? Because the government shut my business down, I have to go on EI. Ask me how I feel about this. Ga’head. The paper work alone makes me want to vomit.
Same friend, when I mentioned about our buddy’s business also being shut down and isn’t sure he’ll have a business to return to because the suppliers may all be gone, said, ‘they have money. I’m not worried for them.’
He softened his take after a push back (it's irrelevant 'they have money') but that was his initial feeling which disappointed me greatly. 
Except, if he’d think it clearer and deeper he’d realize the company employed 35 workers with minimum salaries of 50k CDN. 
Alas, for people who are sufficiently frightened, no need to go that far. 
We all have a price to pay. Others will have to pay the price and I get to feel good about my faux-humanist stance.
Notice how during the GM bail out, that was justified because if the suppliers failed the economy collapses. Here, we probably have a case where thousands of suppliers could go under if SME’s are shut down.
But in this case? The silence is deafening.
Sure Canada is responding by giving us loans but these are still LOANS (of which 25% of the $40 000 will be a subsidy). Not bail outs. So at best, we go back to our businesses and pick up the pieces for Lord knows how long this will take with the added albatross of debt we didn’t want.
Apparently, I should just shut up and be happy. I'm not. I don't appreciate this disruption and nor do I feel this is 'pulling together'.
At this point, I feel like I need to avoid people because I just don't want to argue anymore. 


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