In The Middle Of Pandemic Started In China And Subsequently Covered Up, The UN Names China To The Human Rights Council

A pandemic started in China. Who then attempted to cover it up plunging the world into an economic mess. 

And they get appointed to a human rights seat?

I'm awaiting for a Tweet from Justin congratulating China. It's a shame my government has no principles and wouldn't stand against this.

A damn shame.

China is a vicious abuser of human and animal rights and the UN rewards it?

Despicable. The United Nations (who has made it a habit of rewarding bad countries also made Robert Mugabe a 'good will ambassador. Stew on that muchachos) and every single one of its corrupted and lawless agencies is an affront to civility and all that is decent. A cess pool of degenerate and immoral dead beats.

What is going on?

What's it going to take people to understand that China should be treated like the Soviet Union?

My anger knows no bounds.

These two deserve one another. 


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