Illiberal Voices: Bernie And AOC

Two things caught my eye this week. The first one is Project Veritas releasing footage of Bernie supporters advocating for re-education against conservatives (in the context of the left this is usually done through coercion and even violence) and speaking, shall we say, fondly of gulags. The second is Alexandra Ocasio Cortez's claim that the DNC is a centrist/conservative party.

I'll try my best to dissect each.

I'm not surprised people in the Sanders rank and file believes or thinks this. He is, after all, a socialist. We know that he was part of communist organizations and at one point praised Hugo Chavez.

In many ways, Sanders is unfit to govern or lead a nation of men. He's actually weak. The fact he hasn't condemned and fired these sorry buffoons is telling. Moreover, it's worth recalling he endorsed Hillary in 2016 despite the rigging of the primaries and doesn't think, despite the mounting information pointing to it, Biden is corrupt.

Not fit.

Ocasio-Cortez's preposterous claim is equally as troubling because it's an attempt to redefine terms and definitions.

Characterize and redefine your enemies as 'extreme'. Next, position yourself as 'centrist'. Suddenly, ideas like the GND (it's for the environment!) and other far left ideas can be sold as 'centre'. That's her ploy.

I suppose to a leftist completely ignorant of history, conservatives have 'pulled right' without giving thought to the perhaps this perception is a result of how progressives have done nothing but characterize people as racist and misogynist? They've completely debased the the meanings of each so much so many of us qualify.

The Democrat party is NOT centrist. It is ideological. How one can watch the debates and conclude their platforms are centre-right is beyond comprehension. Like the Liberals up here, this is a progressive party and all she's doing is moving goal posts around.

Both AOC and Bernie admit to being socialists. So why would anyone accept her assertion?

This is standard MO in the left-wing playbook. Go back and read Lenin, Hitler, and Stalin carefully.

It's not the GOP (and conservatives) who have moved right.

It's the DNC (and Liberals) who have been pulling centre.

AOC is trying to pull a fast one on people. It has been objectively demonstrated by Pew and The Economist (and the NYT of all places) that the DNC is the party of extremism.

What part of her platform can be construed as centrist or conservative? I know words have no meanings anymore (and heaven knows people just pull out political philosophical definitions seemingly out of thin air without thought to history or context) but her clam is unacceptable and inaccurate.

Don't believe her.

Tread carefully.

There are illiberal forces in our midst.

And this is troubling. 


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