Derp: Hit And Derp

Once again, the media hyped up a story in hopes or riling up the public when there was never a need to.

Governor Northam (yes, blackface and the guy who I believe supports infanticide) declared a national emergency assuming the people protesting were violent.

And notice how peaceful it was. Why? Well, Antifa (those loose collection of violent, thugs, commies and losers) weren't there to spark mayhem like they did in Charlottesville. It's pretty amazing how that lie continues to persist. You would think people would have investigated it by now and see that the story wasn't as depicted by the media. From Trump's speech to the turn of events.

And what does Northam do? Applaud the protestors for their civility? Nope. Doubles downs and claims he de-esculated what could have been a 'volatile' situation. Christ, what an asshole.

I'm glad people recognized he was the threat by panicking and presiding people to be criminals for a lawful protest.

In any event, the protest in defence of the Second Amendment (God bless America) protest in Virginia (where a whopping 85 counties of 95 voted to be 2A Sanctuaries. See? It works two-ways. Where leftist cities became refugee sanctuaries, people mobilized and declared sanctuaries for something they believe in too) went off without an incident. It was peaceful and the protestors (which included immigrants, blacks and members of the LBGTQ community) cleaned up after themselves (just like Tea Party supporters back in the day. Remember how they were treated in the media?).

Now go look up Antifa protests and see all the old people they beat up, pregnant women they terrorize, traffic they hold up, private property they destroy and so on.

Yet, on social media the left made their weak attempts to spark a riot and in one tweet, someone asked how 'these cowards' (can I get a narrows gaze over here for lack of self-awareness?!) were allowed to wear masks! It turns out, it was very cold outside and the police made an exemption to the mask law.

What's bizarre about how Virginia (it's worth noting Virginia is a state with many bureaucrat workers)   officials reacted to the protest assuming the worst 'because gun owners' never show a modicum of concern when they know Antifa is coming to town and they have a demonstrated track record of destruction and violence.

The deep state really hates what it hates.


I've observed during the free trade spat with China that a) people sided unwittingly with China - like they did with Iran (post coming on that) and b) conflated the administration's contention of being 'anti -bad deals' with being 'anti-free trade'. The Trump administration, never explicitly said it was against free trade. It was against 'bad deals' they wanted to re-negotiate.

It's the same thing with immigration. It was purposefully, to me anyway, presented that being against illegal immigration as being the same as being anti--immigrant.

Which is a false dichotomy. You can be for strict immigration laws and for immigration.

Just like you can question climate alarmists and still be concerned and cared for the environment. Incidentally, watch Trump address the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland:

Quite refreshing no?


Note: A polite society is an armed one.

Antifa stayed clear and the cops behaved. If the protestors were so violent why then did it end up anti-climatic?

Think about this and the narratives they weave.

Ask yourself just who are the disingenuous ones exactly?


Let's keep with the narratives.

On a recent episode of Judge Judy, I heard her say (to a defendant), '....the greatest boom market that we've had in decades...'

/Looks up on wikipedia who the current President is.

Yet, the media and Democrats are trying to convince people the economy stinks despite the fact it's clearly doing well. Both objectively and statistically.

So disingenuous is the message, it's hard to believe the average American buys it.


Remember the media narrative after the Puerto Rico disaster was how evil and inhumane Trump was for refusing to send aid? To drive the point home, they plastered on social media hm throwing toilet paper around as if he was spitting on them (sorta like that Time cover with him looking down with contempt on an immigrant child) and other outright lies.

Now we find PR officials were the culprits keeping aid from getting to their own people 'because Trump.' Aaaaand yet another example of projection is revealed.

Bad week fo Alex Cora, eh?

People. Don't be played.

It's all I ask.


Mini-Mike Bloomberg made a strange comment recently..

But first, like it matters, here's my perception based on some of his actions when he was Mayor of NYC. He may have been good for business, but at a social level he was a tyrannical nanny. He let himself believe he knew what was best for people (as we saw with his infamous and idiotic salt bans) and created an image of himself as King Nanny.

And if you think that guy gives two-shits about the poor or regular folk, think again.  He's the sort of guy who hanging out with millionaires is beneath him. So tread carefully before thinking he's the humanist he paints himself to be.

Then there's the whole creepy arrogant thing about him:

'I am telling you if there is a God, when I get to heaven I’m not stopping to be interviewed. I am heading straight in'

I wouldn't be so sure Mike. You can't virtue signal and buy your way into Heaven pal.

Wanna impress me? Go full St. Francis of Assisi and then maybe I'll take your quip seriously. And neither will St. Peter.

Jesus, recall, wasn't a fan of coercion. You love that stuff to force people into habits you deem they must adopt. That's social engineering and Jesus wasn't about that. So sharpen up your plea at the Gates of Heaven because Peter has some questions.

Only a progressive would think so arrogantly to presume because of 'good intentions' they're 'getting into heaven.' The thought never occurs to them what if their good intentions actually harmed people?

Faux-righteousness is deception and Mike better lay off the bull shit.

"For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not a result of works, that no one should boast.¿ Ephesians 2:8-9"

And then came this to drive the point that Mike puts ideology and policy above good acts by fellow humans. He was incapable of just having the grace to shut the fuck up or at least just saying, 'Hey man, God bless this man. We'll talk about gun control another time'.

Nope. He had to go straight for the talking point.

And this be the man who is going straight into hell? He doesn't think that Peter - before passing off the file to God - will see right through him?

Behold Mike's take on Jack Wilson saving countless lives:

It may be true that someone in the congregation had his own gun and killed the person who murdered two other people, but it’s the job of law enforcement to have guns and to decide when to shoot. You just do not want the average citizen carrying a gun in a crowded place.

Right. Does Mike care when ATF and DEA bust down doors with flimsy warrants signed off by sloppy judges go around busting doors and killing innocent people based on the utterly immoral war on drugs?

Mike. You need to go to Church more and calibrate your conscience and bring it in line with your soul.

Assuming you have one.

As for Wilson, President Trump should decorate him with a medal. Wilson is probably ahead of Mike  in the line into Heaven.


Did anyone notice a Bernie staffer calling for violence and talking positively of gulags?

And don't give me none of that 'it was one guy' shit. These people are socialists. This is what socialism and communism (essentially the same crap) think and believe. If they can't convince people, they will violently compel them to do so. It's in the DNA of a leftist. Always was, and always will be.

It's worth noting, Bernie is a pure communist having been part of their world for decades.

They don't believe in liberty and you're a fool and useful idiot if you delude yourself into thinking otherwise.

Take a lefty at face value. If they say they like gulags, it means they do.


And speaking of left-wing, the impeachment of Donald Trump begins today and I fully expect the clowns in the Democrat party pushing this unnecessary charade upon the nation to make a mockery of the entire political process.

There is no legit justification for taking the county down this path and I hope the Democrats will rue the day. All they'll accomplish is deepening the divide.

Meanwhile, where the number of people under Obama exploded, Trump is reducing it.

Never mind the economy is humming along nicely for all Americans.

Meanwhile, the Bidens....


Know what? I'm gonna say it first. California is a danger to North America.

They've lost their fucken minds. They're acting worse than creationists in their anti-science behaviour.

Add that in San Francisco its DA is a cold-hard commie (look up Chesa Boudin's background) purposefully setting up class warfare, you have a toxic mix brewing in that state.

I get it Californians. You live in paradise and are too cool to care but you'd better care. And for those states taking in fleeing Californians, keep them and their bad progressive ideas in check because they'll ruin whatever good thing you have going.



And now an antidote to the derp. I appreciate Prager U putting out material like this:


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