Thought Police Not Just In A Book Or A Movie; Witnessing The Fall Of A Godless Scourge And The Millennial Embrace Of Illiberal Thought; Murder; Populism Arrives In Canada

Think again. The UK's slow descent into tyranny is unfolding right before our eyes in real time.

'Recording non-hate crime incidents'.

If this doesn't send shivers down the spines of people....people need to understand that 'hate speech' can mean something as simple as having a different opinion that is perceived to be hateful.

Rather unsettling.

This is happening in a so-called 'free and democratic' society with the rule of law.

And they didn't need Trump to do it! How about that, eh?

Sadly, I wish I could say Canada would be above this but we just aren't.

This could very well happen here.


Rostropovich playing the cello at the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989. Feel the emotion of the moment. The day people became free from the evil grips of communism.

With the troubling rise in popularity of socialism among millennials, this (mostly) illiterate generation has fallen prey to illiberal forces as a result.

They may be well-traveled but remain woefully ignorant of classical liberal Western history and achievement.


Fun gif contrasting the electoral map and the distribution of murder. Hint: Blue areas are murdery.


People are angry. And this thing of just waving the hand and dismissing them as 'extremists' is foolish  and lazy arrogance.


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