The French chemist Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier - regarded as the greatest in history - was beheaded in the French Revolution during the period of the Reign of Terror led by the likes of murderous men like Marat and Robespierre.

Two thoughts occur to me writing this.

One, is a socialist magazine called Jacobin (at its roots the Jacobins were reactionaries in France were responsible for the execution of around 10 000 individuals) of which Robespierre was the most infamous.

Overt time, the term has 'softened' (think of the coy usage of 'Democratic socialist'. In the end, the coercion in socialism eventually overcomes the 'democracy' part leading to authoritarianism. It's an inevitable embrace of authoritarianism that leads to a death spiral be it in the form of death camps or, well, reigns of terrors of whatever kind) come to mean your run of the mill belief in big government.

To my mind, it's not a stretch the violent underpinnings and under current of its essence lurks not too far off.

Every time we read of socialism we are confronted with murder and mayhem.

It resembles a death cult. Socialism (and its derivatives including communism, Marxism, progressivism etc. Though these ideologies tend to fight one another they all in the end fall under the collectivism umbrella) embraces every possible anti-human position you can think of from population control to eugenics.

If there's a perceived social or economic ill, you can bet socialists will be extremely eloquent in their rhetorical elegance to single out a group and mark them for death or 'abolishment'.

Which brings me to my second point. It's rather preposterous people still make the claim politicians like AOC or Sanders aren't socialists despite they describing themselves as such. And one need only listen to what they say to know that's what they are.

It's funny how one can smell, talk and act like a socialist but still claim to not be one. No wonder Venezuela isn't a socialist failure. There are no socialists!

Yet, the ideas persist and poll after poll seem to indicate it's popular among the bearded-tattoo ones: Millennials. The 'connected but detached' generation who gave us safe spaces and censorship on campuses.

And it's on the campuses we see the forming of socialism and Marxism reaching new heights.

We should be concerned - and appalled.

They've already staked their position and have taken dead aim at Western civilization as a whole. The entire cannon of our achievement is under direct attack. Western culture has been marked for death and a New Revising of history must be written.

It's something well under way in academia. If you don't see it, then you're not looking hard enough.

A quick word on what's going on campus across North America. We know about left-wing groups constantly attacking conservative people (sometimes physically and violently) as well as censoring or shutting down speakers. But what about the process of indoctrinating students while quietly introducing horse shit courses?

It's one thing to introduce new courses that examine or theorize about something along side established and classic courses. It's one thing to say 'hey, we feel this course on 'X' addresses topics not covered in subject 'Y' so we will introduce it to be taught along side other courses'. Quite another to say 'This is the course replacing the other one' and not meet the same intellectual rigour that's come to be expected.

Indeed, to actively replace all those courses so as to monopolize the educational market with their propaganda. Which one must ask: If these courses are being replaced, are the new ones better?

The answer, as far as I can tell, is no.

What's happening on campuses very much should concern us. It's a mess.

Very angry reactionaries studying gender studies are wreaking absolutely havoc on the civil order as they take a machete to our intellectual heritage, moral and legal codes while emasculating men.


Connecting dots. It's no coincidence that the Boy Scouts were attacked. Now the Salvation Army. And soon the YMCA.

Notice what these organizations have in common? They're all Christian (Protestant) at their roots.

It matters not how many millions of people they helped and saved. If they don't submit to the narcissist social justice movement it will be targeted.

See. In order for socialism to prevail, it must destroy that which is in its way. Being secular and atheistic, Christianity stands in its way.

Nothing new really. The Enlightenment certainly robustly attacked the Church but the reactionaries took it to a whole new level I don't think the philosophes ever could imagine.

These attacks aren't about principles and justice.

It's about equality and diversity - and by this we mean the totalitarian versions of these vague terms.

Another major obstacle and irritant is The Constitution.

The 1A and 2A in particular. They need to curb speech and they need the guns.

So. To recap: The deliberate and designed calculus seems to be: Undermine Christianity. Eliminate free speech. Confiscate guns.

All ideals and rights connected to the free sovereign man under laws of human nature and God.

They will couch this through soft and being language claiming it's to 'defend democracy from the rise of the alt-right' and 'diversity and equality' and other imprecise terms and words.

Lavoisier was a member of the hated Ferme Generale.

AOC and Sanders use phrases like 'abolish billionaires' and the loathsome anti-semitic Labour party in the UK asserts 'no needs billionaires.'

The two examples are connected.

Take them at face value.

Vote accordingly and don't be useful idiots.

They will go after a selected group to achieve power.

And then they'll come for you to keep power.

At which point you're done.

History makes this clear.

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