China Crackdown Violently On Hong Kong Protestors; A Reminder Of Why The NBA Is Cynically Woke

***Updated. Epoch Times printing press attacked. See video below.

China is doing what all of us who understand its authoritarian behaviour was going to do all along and that's begin systemically killing protestors in Hong Kong calling them 'suicides.'

Let us reflect and remind each of other of this is a county Trudeau (still can't believe Canadians voted this dishonourable individual back into power even if in minority status) 'admires' and the NBA saw fit to do business with.

Sadly, the West won't be going in to save Hong Kong. Its fate was sealed when Britain handed it back to China. Thinking it was going to continue on as it always had was naive and foolish. As I told a friend at the time when it happened, 'Oh well. I never got a chance to visit it. It will change forever.'

No way I visit now.

Reading the article only further cements my disgust with the NBA and people like Kerr, Harden, Popovich and Lebron.

While young people are murdered, the NBA quietly and cowardly continues to do business with the NBA. They all get to flap their gutless gums about Trump, bounce their balls and make millions.


I can't be the only person in North America who doesn't see the blatant hypocrisy of people like Kaepernick and some NBA star athletes who have various endorsements and apparel deals.

On one side you have them squawking on about how owners 'act like slave owners' - all the while they make obscene amounts of money the average person can never attain I might add - then on the other they act precisely like slave owners as their 'shoes' are made in Asian sweatshops. Sounds like a classic case of projection.

Are these people for real?

End of the line for woke.


The NBA on China:


Come on NBA. Make a funny.


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