UN Going Broke; This Is A Good Thing

Been digesting the NBA sucking China cock story and plan to offer my thoughts on the despicable display of hyper-hypocrisy and its illiberal apologists I've seen yet.

Truly breathtaking to the point I'm having a hard time pinning down my thoughts.

But first. The UN is going broke.


Maybe once this vastly over rated and corrupted old boys network of political hacks and intellectual shysters collapses, truth and sanity will return.

The UN has lost the plot in recent years from sex scandals to its obvious anti-Israel, pro-dictator tin pot disposition to its dubious climate change publications to its outright reliance on the United States and its money, this organization is in dire need of a major over haul. But to do so you'd have to drain the swamp and so good luck with that.

The UN has become a symbol of elitism like the EU and Hollywood increasingly hostile to the interests of free citizens. Now that people are questioning their masters and their agendas, they're being painted as 'extremists' for daring to challenge their power. Our very own political elites here in Canada take this 'democracy is under threat' stance.

If the NBA showed anything and how Hollywood pimps off SJW movies, it's that the intellectual and social elites that hold the levers of power HATE YOUR GUTS.

They're the enemy within and the media is their bitch.

Sounds borderline 'conspiratorial?" Not really. When a league decides to apologize to China because a Houston Rockets GM dared say he supports freedom, democracy and Hong Kong, you know you're entered a troubling 'wtf?' realm. A county that has routinely and repeatedly an endless stream of illegal espionage, human rights abuses (including gays. Go have a look at how they handle their Muslim problem) and bad trade practices. This is who Silver and his shit head cowards that make up the NBA brass bent over for and took one in the ass. They're selling out America and Western values people. But more on that in a rage-filled rant.

Nothing upset and angered me more than what I saw with the NBA.

Suffice to conclude about the UN.....

Let it drown in its own rotten sewage.


An example of how much better and freer we'd all be without the UN:

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