Trump And The Middle East: He's Right

Just wanted to leave a quick note to say Trump is 1000% correct in his assessment of the Middle East. This 'dangerous' President is perhaps the only President to insist on avoiding war. It's incredible to think there's a backlash to his decision to not go into Syria which would have risked war with Turkey. Technically still an ally of America and one of the largest armies in NATO.

The best the detractors could come up with was 'but the Kurds!' but this is a rather disingenuous if not incredibly cynical argument for a number of reasons which I plan and hope to expand on shortly. In short, the left doing most of this arguing, never gave a rat's ass about the Kurds. The 'anti-war' left were silent on them when Obama was in power were they not? An administration that made such an incoherent mess (that culminated into ceding influence in the region to Russia), the call to get out was the only logical and sane choice.

While the Kurds are engaging in a tribal war so complex, the U.S. is better off not getting involved. A fight that has been going on since the 1970s and involves four major players in Turkey, Syria, Iran and Iraq.

How anyone can conclude it's a good idea the Americans go into Syria - where there were under 100 American soldiers - and get into a fight with not only Turkey but potentially engulf them with Iraq and Iran, is beyond comprehension.

Trump is fighting the military industrial complex and the swamp salivating for war.

Americans should be supporting him.

Not agitating for war for the sake of resisting him.

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