Trudeau Lies In A Bed Of Lies And Deceit

In Canada, the rule of law was compromised for the sake of cronyism under the guise of saving jobs.

This is what happened as once and for all settled by the Ethics Commissioner Mr. Morin.

Justin Trudeau in all his insufferable arrogance thought himself above the rule of law when he tried to interfere during the SNC Lavalin affair.

If that wasn't bad enough, his response amounted to pretty much a 'so what? What are you gonna do about it suckers?'

Naturally, he had Bill Morneau repeat the gag line of 'we were saving jobs'.

What a crock of shit pimped out by these two cronies.

They babble on about "democracy" as they slowly chip away at civl liberties and act like a couple of dictatorial thugs.

This edition of the Liberal party of Canada will go down as one of the most scandalous in the modern era not to mention embarrassing.

Alas, they're unacceptable and unethical behaviour that cuts right to the heart of the essence of the rule of law isn't met with enough anger from the usual apathetic and deferent Canadian flock.

I've heard one too many misguided individuals accept this on the premise he was 'saving jobs'

This includes Quebec Premier Francois Legault who says, predictably, he stood by Trudeau. Of course he does, Quebec always welcomes a Federal wink. Saving SNC-Lavalin is a plus for Quebec and its tiresome habit of attaching nationalism to everything from the Montreal Canadiens to dead beat companies like Bombardier. The prevailing immature thinking is 'too chez nous to fail'.

Legault, in essence, sided with banana republic behaviour. Which is no stranger to Quebec known for its embedded corruption.

It was a most disappointing comment.

How can he and the Liberals now look people straight in the eye and tell them they defend 'democracy'?

They made their bed and they must lie in it. If one supports what really is an astonishing act that contravened Canadian values, then one tacitly consents to such tactics 'when it suits' the powers that be. This is how third world tin pot dictator ships, communist regimes (hello China as we see in Hong Kong) or socialist (Venezuela being the latest) hell holes operate.

You can't have it both ways. You can't undermine the rule of law and claim to defend it.

It's a really clear cut and dry issue.

Canadians aren't that far off from getting a dystopian UK style mode of existence. We're heading down the path of a shit hole. Before we know it, we'll be arresting people for speech and banning ads like they do in that joke of an island.

We have little to be proud of at the moment.

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