Prager U Versus Youtube

Keep an eye out for the decision for Prager U to sue youtube.

It's a huge deal.

One that cuts right to the hear of freedom of speech and expression.

Big tech has slowly been sliding into censorship and Prager U has been a victim of these obviously politically motivated decisions (hiding behind faulty algorithms or something. Whatever. Humans create those algorithms so that argument has its limits to me) byway of their videos being restricted and/or demonetized.

And they're far - far - from the only ones.

It's no secret the big social media platforms and their companies are gearing up to engage in the 2020 political elections in the United States. It's an open secret.

What this means - ahem alleges - is that they will manipulate content so as to hurt conservative and Republican viewpoints while propping, protecting - and if need be sanitizing (because Democrats play really dirty) - progressive and Democrat view points.

In other words, they're getting political even though they're companies. Problem is they're massive corporations with enough power to really damage the democratic political process.

They claim they do it to 'protect' democracy but their actions will only threaten it more than any one politician could ever accomplish.

The other part of this equation is the whole 'publisher v. platform' argument but that's not the point of the post here. Suffice the tech giants want to have it both ways and it's time they're force to choose a side.

This the part of the plot where we see people like Zuckerberg and Dorsey are in way over their heads and in the process act more like punks than captains of social media industry.

It's like a poor person suddenly winning the lotto. They acquired too much power, too fast and don't know how to navigate through the sticky world of high finance, politics and all the vices of human nature that come with it.

Why they chose to go political is beyond me but they seemingly let hubris get the better of their senses.

I welcome Prager U suing youtube. I've grown tired of illiterate illiberal minds dictating what I can read, think and say. Worse among them, they claim to know how I feel and think.

Prager U pushes against the zeitgeist promulgated by progressive SJW-woke orthodoxy. And they're not alone. Their videos are a breath of fresh air and are good, time honoured, universal ideas and themes we have always cherished.

I'll leave you with this.

Google (also being sued) is the biggest search engine in the world (who have been known to manipulate search engine results and actively accept SJW ideals) and youtube (the biggest content provider platform on earth (also run by a SJW CEO). Think about how this could end up. And not in a good way.

Youtube restricted Prager's video on the Ten Commandments on the grounds it's bad for children.

But they leave up Miley Cyrus's smut.

It's the misapplication or uneven application of standards the issue. All people are asking for is fair and consistent application of policy.

That goes for anything in life. It's not necessarily the issue per se but the perception of unfair treatment.

I think there's more than enough evidence to notice a pattern where social media giants are engaging in unfair practices based on politics.

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