Hong Kong Showing America Is Still A Beacon To The Free World

Don't know about you but watching Hong Kong fight to keep its liberty while carrying the American flag, singing the anthem and reading The Constitution has been satisfying for me.

It reminds that the United States still matters and when nations and people struggle for freedom they look to it for help and guidance.

Notice they don't call on Great Britain. The nation that rule Hong Kong.

Gee, I wonder why given what's going on in the UK.

I'd like to think it points directly to how Britain's behaviour in the last 10 years has been appalling where civil liberties are concerned. It's a place that has lost its sense of mighty liberty.

While the American left continues to espouse ideas contrary to the American experience, it takes a people thousands of miles away to remind Americans of their essence.

When people fight for liberty, they don't wave Australian, Canadian or British flags.

They wave the American flag.

Stars and stripes still resonates on a level to free peoples all over the world.

Wake up America. Don't let the emotional tyrants in the Democrat party rip liberty from you. Protect your 1A and 2A to the end.

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