The War With Derp

Just came back from a lovely trip in New England. First it was New Hampshire to visit (and drive up) Mount Washington and then we headed to Providence, Rhode Island to visit a friend.

Wow is Providence Woke Town USA or what? I wanted an espresso and found a coffee shop in The Arcade but passed when I saw some 'safe space' BS sign.

Providence, of course, is home to Brown University. One day these wokester-hipters will realize these institutions favor the Democrat elites and their sometimes remedial offspring.

We did some outlet shopping In North Conway where I bought two pairs of New Balance shoes.  As if I didn't already like the company a couple of slogans further cemented my loyalty to them (and I'm hard brand loyal).

One was 'Be your own hero'. Absolutely.

I take that as a good shot at Nike and their demand consumers bow before false idols like Kaepernick and their anti-Americanism.

The other is 'Blessedly independence'.

Indeed. To be independent is to be blessed.

Or else you end up like Nike.

Force to engage in empty virtue signalling.


I watched The Magnificent Ambersons for the first time in over 25 years. There was a scene where George shouted, 'Get a horse!' to Eugene and his engine powered wagon (a precursor to the automobile).

Reminds me of modern media and how dead it really is. New media has already passed it by. This is why they're lashing out against it. They're skillfully using the illiberal dopes who run tech companies to do their dirty work. CEO's like Zuckerberg, Dorsey and Conte are too ignorant of history to know they're being played.

They'll get their come uppance in some form or another.

Truth prevails.


Won't be long before idiot progressives demand America change its name.


Turns out Megan Rapinoe is a mean girl. Apparently she bullied off the team a Christian team mate of colour for an innocuous comment. 

This one touched a nerve. My niece was bullied for being an English speaker on her basketball team. It crushed her and quit.

Rapinoe exhibits all the traits of a faux-righteous bully. But Bill Simmons foolishly thinks she's a role model for his daughter.

Basketball Quebec is a parochial outfit and it wasn't until 'foreigners' came in did the more talented players (who weren't Quebecois) got a fair shake. You only expand your ideas (and with it the success of your program) when you operate outside of your provincial prism. The Montreal Impact is another organization that exudes this provincialism. But that's another for another post.

Talk is cheap Megan. Less emotion and more action. Want love to conquer?

Go the White House. That's real leadership.

That takes courage.

Everything else is just noise.

It's easy, if not cowardly, to just talk 'bad ass' from a mic in a 'safe space'.

Come out of that bubble.

Actually engage Trump.

I bet you anything he'll listen.

Want us to think of you as a champion?

Act like one.


Last week, in an effort to reign the far left running amok and seeking to usurp power, Pelosi was called a 'racist' by the leader of the the so-called 'The Squad" (more like The Twats) faction led by illiberal ignoramus Ocasio-Cortez. I feel little pity for the DNC and Pelosi.

They courted and flirted with saw rhetoric letting the wolves into the tent. Funny thing about wolves is they like to hunt, kill and conquer.

And these far leftists are out for blood and now there's a power struggle in the party.

There's a ciivl war in the Democrat party and Trump knows it. Hence his 'racist' tweet. That was all calculated designed (Axios discusses it here) to force the DNC to 'defend' those four progressive buffoons in all their inglorious illiberalism.

They're complete frauds but they're the DNC's problem now.

Won't be long they'll use their victim status to game the system like First Nations band chiefs do here.

“....No one is afraid of those nerds,” the source said, referring to the Justice Democrats. 
"...That organization entered the fray on Friday as well, firing back at an aide who had told The Hill Ocasio-Cortez is a "puppet" and the group is funded by "white liberals."
As for Ilhan and Rashida. It's all projection. By the content of their character and comments, they're anti-Semitic and anti-American in my view. Omar is particularly an odious political character. They deserve all the scorn hurled their way.

Last, a quick comment on Saikat Chakrabarti. He may cause some disruptions and even gain some victories. But in the long run? His group will end up like the rest of the evil communists, socialists and Marxists in history. 

Saikat reminds me of Pyotr Stepanovich Verkhovensky in Dostoevsky's Devils.

Driven by a nihilistic false sense of right. His Green New Deal isn't about climate. It's about usurping capitalism. It's mayhem for its own sake.

His is an anti-humanist world view. That he's dangerous should be evident to a sober mind.

There won't be a 'this time we'll get it right'. And never will be.


My feelings about the shocking and astonishing arrogant ignorance of AOC is pretty clear.

But even by her standards the claim of calling someone a communist is 'rooted in white supremacy' is comically disturbing.

At this point, people who truly face discrimination and racism are not being served well by the progressive left. A despicable bunch of narcissistic, faux-outraged twits and twats projecting their own racism onto others while debasing it in the process.

Oh how I loathe the modern progressive left.


I thought being woke is just about virtue signalling! I didn't think I had to do something!

In San Francisco, this is the rule and not the exception.

"The wealthy San Francisco residents who launched a crowdfunding campaign to block construction of a new homeless shelter in their waterfront neighborhood are employing a new tactic: arguing that homeless people are bad for the environment."

Keep it up Shit Francisco.

When it comes down to it, progs are the biggest practitioners of NIMBYISM. 


Free form though: I'd absolutely worry about China.

The left have been fed a bunch of bunk about Russia for domestic political expedience courtesy of the DNC but in reality, China is a hostile authoritarian state.

Them with Internet power is not a good thing.


Canadian governments past and present like to talk up our founding role in NATO. But that rings hollow now. If you want serious Canadians to care or respect these proclamations, bring up our fair share of the costs to the agreed threshold. Something we have not done. In fact, we among the lowest contributors to NATO.

Talk is cheap.

We've shamelessly hid behind American protection.


Justin chimed in about Trump's tweets.

Aside from the arrogance of him offering his useless two cents, how wise is it for him to keep poking Trump in the eye? Justin should focus less on American affairs and consider how his actions can impact Canadian interests when negotiating with the United States.

A more thoughtful person would have calculate, 'If we both win our respective elections, I may have to deal with Trump for another four years. I don't want to rock the boat with stupid virtue signalization.' Even more, 'if I don't win, I want to make sure Canada-U.S. relations remain cordial and strong.'

Alas, this is Justin who we're talking about. King of Clown World.


NYC is losing its mind.

Not good.

Communism by other means I tell ya.


It's very simple people. Work with me.

The left and antisemitism go hand in hand. So it's no surprise in the ranks of say, Quebec Solidaire, New Democrat Party, even the Liberal party here in Canada, the DNC or as it happens, Labour in the UK. They always were.

And always will be.

Not sure why this is a shock.

Reminds me of the building on Park ave. and Pine ave. in Montreal (overlooking McGill - aka McWoke - university - with a Palestinian flag prominently painted on it. I'm sure the many Jews who live around the area and have been great contributors to McGill appreciate having to look at that everyday.

I had this video teed up but YouTube took it down. Pretty ominous.


What a bunch of pezzi di merdi they are.


If you have a blue check on Twitter you should get a Blue cap with that.

*To you millennial Bernsters Blue caps are what the officers who ran the gulags wore. Get with it kids.


When Amazon pulls out of your city you may just be a tad too over-zealous in your socialist nonsense.

No one owes you shit Seattle.

Until the psychopaths in the Justice Democrats manage to install their Socialist Caliphate of Misery, deal with it.


Comment from the Internetlands: 
“Muslims are people that should be respected and honored, and thus held to the same standards as any other people."

/some racist white guy
"Muslims are incapable of conforming to modern society's standards of decency."
Enlightened Progressive

This is usually considered an act of war.
But for some reason Americans just take it. If there's an incident that demands immediate action to nip in the bud this is it.
A nation with dignity doesn't tolerate this.
Sounds like the Mayor of Aurora is like the Mayor of Portland. 
It all makes sense now.
Woke is it!

Hey, at least we're #1!

“Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won't come in.” 
- Isaac Asimov
My Lord, the miseducation of students is troubling. There's literally no excuse for their ignorance here. If I'm Canadian and aware of this, there's no damn good reason college students shouldn't be also.
Movie critics clearly lean left. Notice how Michael Moore propaganda films always garner great reviews and ratings. Conservative ones usually get hammered.
I highly doubt it has anything to do with the artisanship.
I've noticed a trend where RT's scores are polar opposite to the audience score.
One of the most sophomoric movies that took itself way too seriously I ever saw was Maher's Religulous.
It was an atheistic mess of faux-intellectual rubbish and that got a score of 70.
In any event, I don't care as I plan to watch 'Unplanned'.
I like different views and it's time we revisit this whole abortion thing since NY's infanticide laws.
Apocalypism is not science.


Largely ignored by the mainstream media and whatever CNN is these days.

Washington state escaped a terrorist attack as police kill left-wing nut.

Just last year he was arrested but the legal system essentially left him off the hook. Had he successfully completed his attack, those prosecutors would have to answer for doing so in my view.

You can't mess around with these people. They're criminals.

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