How The Media Fools

Some say the media lies or is the enemy of the people.

Looking at these clips of Trump's 4th of July speech I can see why people do.

A couple of thoughts.

Man, did the media disingenuously over play the military angle. It wasn't bad at all.

Also, around the 15 minute mark. Most racist President evah!

Notice how the NBC doesn't ever pan from the crowd. It stays fixated on Trump. The C-Span version reveals more.

Particularly with the size of the crowd. I don't believe any official numbers were published but according to the Washington transit system over 400 000 commuters used the system that day. The pics and images of that day do show the number to likely be well over the one hundred thousand mark if not more.

On rainy day to boot.

If you recall up to the 4th, the media speculated The White House feared for 'an embarrassingly small turnout'. Just like they thought Hillary would have won the election, correct?

After the celebration the narrative moved to 'people were divided' over it.

Dead media gonna dead media.

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