I Should Have Taken That Left Turn At Derp Beach

Melinda at worst is a misguided virtue-signaller advocating for discrimination. At best if we're to concede woman have been done wrong by white men (dubious at best indeed) she's pushing 'two wrongs make a right'. It's based on the faulty premise that men deliberately discriminated against women and minorities. 

"When asked to “define diversity,” she responds, “I define diversity as when you have a mix of people seated at the table who look representative of our whole society.”
Could you be anymore intellectually shallower? This is just communism by other means. By her logic, NBA rosters should have more caucasians and Asians to reface the 'whole of society'. It's absurd and should be denounced at every turn. Just because a society is made up one way doesn't follow all fields and industries must reflect this.

I can't believe this even has to be pointed out. 

I don't understand how anyone with a properly calibrated sense of justice, honesty and fairness could possibly think what she's pushing is justified. If you're a woman and have a son (s), it shouldn't be too hard to point out how patently unfair her faux-righteous  stance is. 

It's funny though, she doesn't seem to have a problem staying married to a white guy who clearly was  part of the problem according to her own narrative.

Enough of this crap.

Moving on.


It's not right that Don Lemon and Jim Acosta make people laugh this hard.

What a couple of snivelling little shits. Coward too.

Could you image the sort of arrogance you have to possess to think people are stupid?

No Lemon you racist. You and your punk pal there are partisan hacks.

I must have missed the part where you held Obama's 'feet to the fire'. 

You are fake news.

What a lemon.


A Boston University professor is suggesting tackling the problem of fake news by taxing it.

Ah. Got it.

You want to tax stories that don't fit your narratives or you disagree with it.

Remember folks. You were duped. You're too dumb to vote not against your interests. The Russian collusion story was one big fabricated lie but don't pay any attention to that.

“The simplest definition [of fake news] is information that causes harm at scale,” he said, suggesting that it may have cropped up in the 2016 presidential election and Brexit.

Boston University? The place where the illiberal McMarxist from the Bronx got her economic degree?

Now it's all making sense.


Nope. They don't make a compelling case.

They make stupid one.

No one is defending shit. All we're saying is they have a damn right to speak. You don't and can't have the right to determine what is 'hate speech' because, retard, you'll be on the other side of that attack one day. You may not think you will - or these little shits Marxists in the article - because you assume you'll have and hold the power to punish people you disagree with.

Just fuck off already.

If you can't see the potential for evil in 'regulating speech' (and it's not like we don't have examples of this. You know, there's something called the SOVIET FUCKEN EMPIRE, China and Cuba that did exactly that), then you're a fool. And thought control is just around the corner from there. In fact, in some circles, I've read leftists already pretty much assert things like 'you're racist and you don't know it'. Not only do we fave a 'negative' in the former, the latter just robs you of your personal agency and leaves at the mercy of people like Noah Berlatsky. Here's you Scarecrow mask pal.

A classic position by minds who just can't see beyond their tiny little ideological brains.

What passes for 'thinking' these days....

Actually, this article is just as offensive as Nazi speak when you ponder it.


Maybe there is something to go woke, go broke.

I classify mandatory minimum wage hikes premised on the vague 'living wage' (and its utterly ignorant and supremely arrogant 'if you can't pay someone a living wage then you don't deserve to be in business' cousin)notion as woke nonsense.

The interesting thing about woke CEO's of conglomerates is where they can virtue signal, they can rely on the more reliable parts of the company to cover for any potential losses in alienating a customer bases.

In other words - sigh - the more responsible parts of the company have to cover the decisions of the irresponsible ones.

A metaphor for conservatives cleaning up the mess left behind by progressives.


Yes. Let's put all the power of information in the hands of the few.

What can possibly go wrong?

I'm not so sure it was a golden age either. I think we're in a golden age right now to the extent we have access to so much information now. That's a good thing. It's killing old media - and with it, it's liberal bent.


This is why, by the way, there's a call to clamp down. 'Alt-media' is winning. Old media is dying. So they're trying to get voices censored (not to mention beginning to get bribes bail outs from national governments are we saw in Canada under the Liberals).

Not too bright this one.

She has no idea what she's angling for.


Trump makes negative comment about the press....people come to its defence.

11h11 hours ago
They actually do painstaking research and deep vetting on every article they print, not just blurt them out loud to their golf caddy Twitter Secretary and wait for one of his five same asskissy compliments."

From the NYT article Trump was reacting to:

“It has gotten far, far more aggressive over the past year,” one senior intelligence official said, speaking on the condition of anonymity but declining to discuss any specific classified programs."

Now that's some painstaking research and vetting.

/slaps Jeremy off the side of the head knocking beanie cap with propeller off.


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