Grandpa Gulag Extraordinaire

This is just a shameless post selling my brand. I could stand to brag a bit more about my work. Alas, it's just not in my bones to do so.

I've come up with a lot of names and phrases here over the years. A lot.

Since not too many people read it, whatever I do say that happens to get picked up won't get attributed back. Nature of the game and all that.

I've never really catalogued my 'inventions' but two stand out because I've seen them used.

The most popular is Zoolander for Justin Trudeau. I know this sounds a stretch but I've been calling this ideologue Zoolander for years. It's only when he was elected did I put it down on print early in the game. Can it be others thought it too and the same time? Absolutely. But I was among the first - and I read and watch a lot of news - to broadcast it.

Another one I use is 'Poptart Lasagne' (with an emphasis on the Italian spelling of Anglicized 'Lasagna'.).

Another is tagging the illiberal communist Bernie Sanders as Grandpa Gulag. This may be easier to trace back as I posted this on Reason magazine a few years back. A couple of commenters expressed their love of that term.

Lately, I've been calling AOC 'McMarxist' or 'McMarxist from the Bronx'.

I'm working on a name to describe both as a duo.

A more capable mind who knows how to run down traces would be able to determine the origins of both.

Either way. It doesn't matter. The nicknames are perfect.

They belong to the world now.

Use them responsibly.

Preferably when drunk.

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