Burger King Advocates Violence

An interesting observation, I think, can be discussed here.

The progressive left asserts that the 'alt-right' is 'extremist' and thus dangerous to society largely based on speech. Their contention is what they perceive to be 'hate speech' is already manifesting itself, dubiously, into violence. There have been scattered incidences of such violence but nowhere on the level being claimed.

Conversely, the left actually routinely engages in violence to various degrees. They accord themselves, of course, the right to define what constitutes violence. Like they do with speech, they do so with violence. It's a 'goal post' moving tactic where they can simultaneously be the aggressor and victim. From censorship to punching people on campuses, the provable cases are easy to find on different news services.

For example, if they attack a peaceful protestor but the person defends themselves (as is their right when in danger), they will claim to be the victim even though their plot was to make a victim of the protestor.

It's a thoughtless, obscene and valueless mode of behaviour totally void of dignity and honour.

Here's another example.

Notice she doesn't understand the notion of theft and how it applies to private property. She seems to think that because she feels she's in the absolute right, this permits her to cause violence or theft against someone or an idea she disagrees with.

Another example is Burger King. Like Gillette (and other companies engaging in baffling 'woke ads'), they've garnered all sorts of attention for the wrong reasons with their recent '#feelyourway sad meals'; which really is misguidedly peddling hamburgers to people with mental illness or straight sensitive malcontents.

Now they're actively engaging in political violence. In the UK, people are attacking conservative politicians by pouring milk shakes on them (like that punk kid who broke an egg on the Aussie politician who justifiably clocked him one). In their undeveloped and immature minds, it's not a brick or some other dangerous object so what's the big deal?

Except it's still violence.

I highly doubt the CEO of Burger King would appreciate having milk shake thrown all over their designer clothes, right? How would he or she like if someone, say, pelted a BK outlet with eggs and milkshakes? I'm guessing they'd press charges.

This is what we mean by faux-virtue and virtue-signalling. It has no deep or profound purpose because it's just emoting for its own sake.

So why would they advocate for this stupidity?

From BK twitter:

Dear people of Scotland.  

We’re selling milkshakes all weekend. 

Have fun.  

Love BK 

Violence is wrong regardless of what the object or motive is.

Do onto others....


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