America Is Doing Well

Despite all the insane gibberish oozing out of the mouths of Democrats (past and present) and celebrities engaging in divisive talk as if America is about to fall apart, the country is actually doing really well.

The talk about America and its President being 'racist' is just that: Talk. Bull shit really. America remains just about as open and tolerant a society on the planet (Canada being another).

In addition to the unproven racist charge comes his alleged misogyny. All of it is based on stuff he did in the past and as a private citizen. What people should focus on is what he does while in office as a public servant. Has he behaved inappropriately while in office? No. Unlike, say, Bill Clinton.

Another hyped-up issue are his '10 000 lies'. I've read such articles and what qualifies as a 'lie' is quite loose to the point we all pretty much would have '10 000 lies' attached to our names. Stuff like 'he said GDP is 4% but it's really 3.8%!

It's, ironically enough, the lie lies with the ones making such outlandish claims.

One may say well it's just politics. But it's a little more than that. We just witnessed an attempted soft coup while discovering a systematic and deliberate policy of spying on Trump and Americans alike. Never mind that there never was a Russian collusion story with him as the main driver of such a conspiracy.

It's dangerous because there are states now, driven by an irresponsible partisan hysteria against Trump, moving unilaterally to side step the electoral college towards one in favour of popular vote.

People do understand America is not a direct democracy but a constitutional republic right? How is this stuff not illegal? It's rooted in a faulty and cynical premise so it is bound to back fire and unleash unintended consequences against immature Democrats.

In short, they want L.A., Chicago and New York to decide elections. Never mind that Trump won over 2400 counties to that loser who managed only just over 400.

So with all this clearly unsubstantiated hysterics from the liberal media and Democrats, it's worth taking a look at what is actually happening.

Trump is actually fulfilling what he was elected to do. He said what he wanted to do and he's delivering.

For example, tax and criminal reform have been enacted. He has avoided wars which is a huge success. He has established America as the main super power again. This is what the trade spat with China is all about. His contention, and he's not alone in this, is that America subsidizes China's prosperity (as well as Europe) and wants to equalize trade negotiations that benefited China and hurt America. Say what you want, but this is what Americans wants and he's getting new deals with trade partners that so far haven't led to an economic calamity.

His foreign policy was supposed to bring a nuclear holocaust. Or that pulling out of a fluffy Paris Accord was going to 'drown people because of oceans' or something. Instead, things are rather stable at the moment. Who can forget Krugman's shrill 'economic holocaust' is a-coming and liberals advising people to 'sell their stocks'. If you did so on such emotionally charged rhetoric, you're probably regretting it and should be upset for being made a fool because the American economy has never been healthier and stronger by many metrics.

Trump also takes the First Amendment to heart. He believes in free speech clearly. He hasn't muzzled the press. He just chastises them for their apparent laziness and partisanship.

There are people who agree with him.

America is doing well. There are problems sure but not to the extent being claimed.

Americans have little to complain about and should be glad their President isn't a puppet of Russia, has the economy rolling, genuinely seems to care about the country and has restored America confidence.

That's why Democrats are falling all over themselves trying to 'out radicalize' each other with stupendously silly if not bizarre ideas and programs.

Trump may be uncouth and blunt (with some personality disorders - then again par for the course with politicians) but he's turning out to be the right 'asshole' the country needs. He took the country and gave it the good shake it needed to wake it from its slumber. If anything, he knew exactly what ailed the county and when in for the kill to attempt to fix it.

That's leadership. He's not my cup of tea but no one can dispute the results and good effect it's having on the country.

Canada can only hope it finds its moxy and does the same in booting out the Liberals and their obscenely ideological left-wing agenda that's not serving this country well in my opinion.

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