71% Of Americans 'Feel Good' About The Economy

And they should. 

Moreover, they credit Trump (sorry Barry) for it.

That's the key.

It gets better. 60% of Democrats agree.

2020 is a fait accompli.

Trump is going to win in 2020 for two reasons. One, if the economy is indeed indisputably strong and likely to maintain its strength despite some 'clouds' on the horizon. Two, the Democrat field is filled with clowns, socialists and disingenuous ideologues. In other words, it's a crowded field of losers.

Another aspect is he's actually fulfilling what he promised.

Trump now will likely focus on swaying independent voters to further solidify his chances.

Don't be surprised to see a landslide (including a popular vote for those who care about such irrelevant figures) in 2020.

Hopefully, that's when Hilary and Obama will have to finally account for their actions.

All this despite the vast majority of reporting on Trump is trumped up negativity.

Think about that.

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