Quote Of The Day: Faces Of Luddites

“The villain here is big oil. The fossil fuel industry did this to us,” said De Blasio at a press conference, standing at a podium adorned with a “Stop Plastic Waste, Stop Big Oil” sign. “Today, we say no to plastics. We say no to fossil fuels. We say yes to a better and fairer future.”

But what Mayor De Blasio and his rampantly stupid anti-scientific rhetoric and initiatives to "combat climate change" will likely achieve is just annoyance and will not do much for the environment.

"...As we know from plastic bag bans, however, the replacements for these items can often be much worse for the climate. According to a recent University of Sydney study, a paper bag would need to be reused three times before it is better for the climate than a single-use plastic bag. A cotton tote bag would have to be reused 131 times. There’s a good chance that many of the paper replacements that New York City’s government departments, city-run hospitals, and public schools will adopt will suffer from the same problems."

Same issues with the production of an electric car. The process is hardly 'green' and whatever positive effect it may have on the environment is offset by the negative impacts of production.

Nonetheless, Sgt. Socialist is determined despite the unintended consequences presented in the article that will impact the average worker and food customers:

“we need to get plastic foodware out of restaurants, out of stores. We need to get it out of our lives.”

And this is this is the dialog of a paternalistic, authoritarian mind polluted with anti-scientific nonsense.

Keep voting for nannies NYC. 


The truth is we dispose of plastic well. Where it becomes problematic, just educate to throw it out properly. We're a sufficiently educated and informed civilization now. We don't need to ban plastic in order to save the damn planet. Moreover, it completely negates how technology finds ways to make use of such a remarkable material.

I will always pay for a plastic bag out of principle to give my own private 'fuck you' to modern Luddites like De Blasio.

This is what plastic can do.

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