False Virtue Of The Unprincipled

After years of carefully observing contemporary affairs - cultural and political - I came to the conclusion there's a malaise driven (mostly) by an unhinged radical progressive left-wing cult.

On this journey (relentlessly reading and informing myself of the past and present), I was uneasy in singling out a side. For some time (in university) I toed the line that 'all sides are bad' and that 'all parties are the same'.

It was a sort of cop out looking back.

I recognize now it served as a distraction from seeing reality as truth. What happens when one side does behave worse than the other?

The other day I was engaged with a friend about politics. He's been infected with TDS I'm afraid and when pressed to back up his assertions, he eventually relented and admitted he wasn't as informed as I was about the issues. He had no idea, for example, about Trump's criminal reform. To which he just spun it into 'people do things to look good'.

Which made me wonder why can't people separate the rhetoric from the policy in order to gain a sober perspective on a leader?  Why have such a visceral hate often not backed up by evidence of facts? TDS has been so corrosive that even when the truth comes out they don't accept it.

I lamented that my friend concluded, 'well, there is no truth'. That is, Trump can never be absolved. He's guilty of something, somehow.  Every time.

There's no truth. So what's the point? Everyone is bad equally. So when someone acts in bad faith, you're just as bad. End of discussion let's go for a soda.

But for me, there is truth. I'm not alone.

Depressive moral relativism seems to have triumphed and people don't realize they're a slave to it. Sometimes I wonder if we're engaging in some kind of collective nihilism not unlike the characters in Dostoevsky's Demons. The would-be liberal revolutionaries with empty eyes of soulless men.

There's no truth. And there's no God too.

Is everything just bad comedic theatre?

Liberalism is no longer what it used to be. Rather, what you see across the board from calls to censor, doxxing, Antifa, socialist revivalism etc. is illiberalism. It submits the individual to the collective. 


"...The stock distinction between the Enlightenment’s twins—communism is violently coercive while liberalism allows freedom of thought—is glib. Illiberal citizens, trapped without exit papers, suffer a narrowing sphere of permitted action and speech, shrinking prospects, and increasing pressure from regulators, employers, and acquaintances, and even from friends and family. Liberal society celebrates toleration, diversity, and free inquiry, but in practice it features a spreading social, cultural, and ideological conformism."

NPC #14569


Which explains, in part, why art has been debased to nothing but a showcase of narcissistic debauchery. It went from Michelangelo's efforts to reach God to government grants to artists who piss on Jesus.

No truth. No God. No soul.

The trifecta that makes up the illiberal mind.

And who be the illiberal individual?

They're all around you. They protest. They want to change the rules after elections. They want to remove gun rights and books from libraries. They want to abridge free speech. They want to impeach without proof or reason. They investigate people for misgendering. They want to be diverse for its own sake. They reject merit. They label dissenters. They mock accountability and responsibility.

They're the ones rewriting history. Severing our ties to the past. They're the ones who remove portraits of Shakespeare and replace it with SJW poets. They're the ones who remove statues. They're the ones in constant mode of projection. They're the ones who memory hole everything in order to usurp and install their authoritarian idealism. It's not that hard to see.

What's hard is to admit it and call it out.

For when you do that, you leave yourself open to the wrath of the mob. How does this manifest itself? Well, the 'disinviting' of speakers at colleges is but one shallow example. Another is the howling degenerate over reactions to incidences like Covington. The call for imprisonment to anyone who dares challenge climate system change orthodoxy yet still another. You're no longer presumed innocent. One must simply assert a negative - racist! - and it be the 'truth'.

You must apologize and beg for forgiveness. And then be destroyed.


"...As for intellectuals under liberalism—those evidence-based freethinkers of the quiet car, raised, selected, and trained to avoid superstition and prejudice (except for their own unconscious biases, which they ruefully confess but devoutly hope one day to overcome)—they either adopt the new liberal identity or are cowed into an outer conformism. This is due not just to fear of social reprisals and shaming, but also to self-deception and the lack of any other comprehensive view that would give them the self-confidence to think and speak against liberalism."

You're unique within the collective.


They force submission. They''re not interested in debate because the time to debate is over. It's all 'settled' as even Obama once proclaimed.

Obama, let's pick on him because he's the darling of the fair-weather pop culture voter. To me, his legacy exposed (much like what we're witnessing with the Liberals under Justin here in Canada) the utter hypocrisy of the progressive left.

A man of alleged oratorical brilliance seemed so....vapid in the end. You would think a litany of dubious quips and unwise quotes would at least give pause to ponder how one views and interprets Trump.

Bitter clingers, police acted stupidly, you didn't build that, Trayvon could be my son, how much is enough? (as he signed a $65 million book deal it must always be noted), and you can keep your doctor aren't exactly words of a wise statesman one can reasonably conclude. .

Never mind despite being against gay marriage the celebrity left forgave him since he claimed to have 'evolved' and changed his mind. Maybe he read it in the papers it was safe to come out?

Yet, they hold Trump to a completely different and higher standard kept deliberately flexible for Obama. Suddenly, they project their own inner-contradictions and personal demons onto him.

Why is it that politicians demand another to disclose their taxes but when asked if they will do the 'honourable' thing and do the same if asked, they decline as Bernie Sanders did?

 The hypocrisy is so blinding, one wonders how they even see.

"...Why do Western liberal academics and EU technocrats object so stridently to the mild illiberalism of the Fidesz parliamentary party in Hungary, while saying little or nothing about Saudi Arabia and other monarchical or authoritarian nations, nominal allies of the West, who routinely control, punish, and dominate women, gays, and religious dissenters? Why are the EU technocrats, whose forte is supposed to be competence, so very bumbling, making policy mistake after policy mistake? How is it possible that while the sitting president of the United States squarely opposed same-sex marriage just a few years ago, the liberal intellectuals who supported him passionately also condemn any opposition to same-sex marriage as bigotry, rooted in cultural backwardness? Why was the triumph of same-sex marriage followed so rapidly by the opening of a new regulatory and juridical frontier, the recognition of transgender identity?"

Stunningly ignorant and illiterate, (the most dangerous among them are the literate ones) they run rampant and amok in the halls of academia, media, entertainment, Wall St. and law.

When Stalin set up his purges, he was serving his paranoia. Many people were killed. Mass misery was the essence of Soviet Russia.

Today, I realize, we don't have physical gulags. We metaphorical gulags. That is, we fenced off our minds.

They hate MAGA hats but not the sickle and hammer.

What's the difference of a progressive calling for the doxxing of people they disagree with to that of a purge? They both destroy lives and reputations. Calling for censorship or boycotts. How is this productive to the advancement of Western civilization?  Or the law of infanticide legislated by the state of New York? This is not reasoned or moral. It's depraved and monstrous.

We're at a point where The Washington Post publishes articles where the writer somehow thinks Judeo-Christian (in quotations I might add) values aren't at the root of Western civilization. This can come out but from the mind of an illiberal.

A mind that seeks to eradicate and destroy the essence of who we are as a civilization.


"...The deeper issue is that it would deny the fundamental eschatology of liberalism, in which the movement of History may only go in one direction. It follows that Brexit must be delayed or defeated at all costs, through litigation or the action of an unelected House of Lords if necessary, and that the Trump administration must be cast as a temporary anomaly, brought to power by voters whose minds were clouded by racism and economic pain. (It is therefore impossible to acknowledge that such voters might have legitimate cultural grievances or even philosophical objections to liberalism.)

"...This is why the triumph of same-sex marriage actually happened too suddenly and too completely. Something else was needed to animate liberalism, and transgenderism has quickly filled the gap, defining new forces of reaction and thus enabling new iterations and celebrations of the Festival. And if endorsement and approval of self-described “gender identity” becomes a widely shared legal and social norm, a new frontier will be opened, and some new issue will move to the top of the public agenda, something that now seems utterly outlandish and is guaranteed to provoke fresh opposition from the cruel forces of reaction—polygamy, perhaps, or mandatory vegetarianism."


Perpetually wallowing in an unsafe space of negativity, the left fails to ever acknowledge the good in man. There's something profoundly anti-human in their rhetoric. It matters none, for example, that technology and man are fully capable of harnessing the wonder of Mother Nature through a capitalist dynamic. That in reality, we've never been safer and more prosperous in human history. That, for example, violence is on the decline should give ponder to their constant attacks of the Second Amendment. When the news broke that Trump didn't colluded, they didn't accept it with a sigh of relief but with indignation.

No. What matters is their conceptualization of what constitutes a good society must be installed by force if necessary.

Free speech doesn't harm but it's a perfect issue to manipulate in order to control the language though. How many futile 'hate speech' laws will progressive enact before they realize they made criminals of citizens whose only crime was to espouse an opinion?

So corroded and convoluted their world view is they feel absolutely obliged and content to declare someone a 'bigot' if they dare not support gay marriage or a 'racist' if they're concerned about illegal immigration. If one disagrees, they must be shut down.

It's why you hear them claim to be 'uniters' and refuse to bow to people who 'divide' yet just the other day, Michelle Obama made a poor analogy comparing - another example of a progressive focusing on just the negative of a country she only became proud of when her husband won the Presidency - what she views as a country disruptive as though raised by divorced fathers.

Always out to single out a group to make a dubious point. Presumptuous, shallow and contemptuous no different than Hilary's 'deplorables' quip.

And arrogant. Oh, the disconnected arrogance. "Why do people react so angrily to our truth?" they wonder!

They're in effect, the very monster they claim to combat.

I feel for all those people who must keep their thoughts to themselves wherever they may be lest they be mercilessly sacrificed by the conformist left.

As said often here, this is what a Dark Age looks like.

It's all before you. Don't you see?

There is truth and there is God.

Once you accept this, you'll be inoculated from being a useful idiot.

Accept that we are sovereign before the authority of God. And there is nothing more beautiful than this revelation.

Don't let them strip us of it.

Quotes from First Things.

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