Climate Prognostication Has Long Miserable Rate Of Failure

As I prepare more absurdly long Daily Derps (because I tend to procrastinate), this Walter Williams article deserves its own post.

How the predictions of the environmental movement have always been wrong.

What I find especially amusing is the so-called 'rational' and 'I fucking love science' side use mostly fear-mongering and manipulated data to sell their bad ideas while, well, projecting it's skeptics who 'fear-monger'.

I just look at the rhetoric and match it to the results.

They're basically losers and liars. If they were in Vegas, they'd be long gone as they'd be bankrupt.

The world won't fucken end in 10 years. And you'r an idiot and a fool to let this kind of idiocy drive your perfection about earth's climate.

Stop being a useful idiot.

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