The Ugly Anti-Semitism Of Democrats And The Progressive Left

One recent trend I find most incredible is the spin that conservatives are anti-semitic. Which is quite an astonishing assertion given it's a well-known, well-documented fact the left own this. From Jesse Jackson to Al Sharpton to Farrakhan we've seen this play out in public.

And this includes Obama I'm afraid. You don't spend twenty years in a Church listening to anti-semitic (and anti-American) screeds from a Reverend (and this goes for Michelle as well) and not believe it on some level.

The Democrats have some winners in their ranks.

Of course, there's the uber-ignorant (and immoral) AOC. Immoral because she subscribes to the "it's not a lie if you think you mean well" nonsense. Lying or deceiving or manipulating facts to get your way is an immoral act. That you *think* you're in the right makes it worse because it makes your a zealot and on your way to being a true totalitarian.

All is fair if for the 'greater good'.

More outlandish is the preposterous notion of Trump lies but when she is called out (aside from trotting the usual 'they're all haters' defense) she was just being clumsy and demands people see her version of the 'big picture'.

The ends justifying your means is the denial of morality.

AOC doesn't need 'facts' or the accuracy thereof. All she needs are her intentions.

It's a play on Plato's Noble lies (which I'm sure she has read) where Plato argues lies are necessary for leaders to get people to perform according to the ideals prescribed by them in order to have a stable society. Note here, AOC argues green energy policy is noble and therefore it doesn't matter what the facts say since it poses an existential threat. It then follows people must then fork over their liberties as well as their taxes to see this existential threat thwarted and then the earth be saved.

Another version of left-wingers justifying lies is Georges Sorel and 'Social myths' which are used to galvanize people into action. Think the rich are stealing from you.

Very scary woman this Ms. Ocasio-Cortez. Blind ignorance and blinded righteousness is a toxic mix.

She also needs to slow down. I don't know where she gets this arrogance, but at 29 years-old she should be a student first and then preach to millions of people.


Then comes Rashida Tlaib. The woman who said 'we're gonna impeach the motherfucker' about Trump.

The Democrats and the left say they want to united people. Yet, in actuality, all they do is engage in divisive rhetoric.

On her Twitter account she says, 'People over profit' - whatever that means. And if you read 'Road to Serfdom' or are just a plain astute observer of left-wing socialist propaganda, it's just another way of telling people a 'planned existence' is the way to go.

The other thing I find most detestable is their anti-semitism.

And for the love of God, they absolutely are anti-semitic. They want to unite people and then pull this retarded shit:

A map of the world that is. With Israel blotted out.

Israel. The one normal, successful, democratic nation-state in a sea of morally bankrupted kleptocracies masking as civil countries. The Palestinians are a death cult (remember when those two young Jews nearly 20 years ago ended up in Ramallah only to be murdered in cold blood? Look below. That guy's hands are drenched in the fresh blood of the two he helped killed after storming a police station. The people below? Cheering. This is a culture?)

I reject they're 'desperate' and have no choice but to strap bombs to their kids. To me, such preposterous acts are indicative of a decaying cultural entity.

Mayhem is all they know. Pinning it all on the Jews is a bit of a joke. It's perhaps a twist or glitch of history and humanity they don't have a homeland. Imagine them with conventional bombs with consolidated power let alone nuclear?

These people are not righteous. They're trouble makers for its own sake. Tlaib is just another in a long line of socialist miscreants casually passing off their anti-Semitism as 'truth to power'.

How such people were elected is beyond me to understand. What the hell Minnesota? Tlaib is a bigot.

It sickens me to see this.